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Nina Ricci's brand specializes in the luxurious fashion and fragrance sector. The brand symbolizes the thoughts of soft, chic, and feminine ideas that capture women's glimpse. The brand is launched by its name sake Maria Nina Ricci accompanied by her son Robert. Madame Ricci displays grace and captures the client’s personality in her designs for them. The first scent of the house, Nina, was encouraged by Robert followed by many fragrances. The brand denotes Parisian sophistication and charming powdery scents.Read More…

Today the company has 97 different fragrances in the perfume market all over the world. Once you are used to wearing the floral and fruity smell on your pulse points and clothes, you will feel powerful and confident. You can enjoy the notes of lime and lemon with apple, peony and musk, cedar, and apple tree. Nina Ricci fragrances are for women whose beliefs are to live on their terms. The scent empowers the women and helps them to face challenges and grow as role models for other women.

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